Lyudmila Porgina - biography and filmography of the Soviet actress

Lyudmila Porgina is an artist whose career peaked even before the Russian Federation became an independent state. Despite this, the darling of millions continues to do what she loves, delighting her fans with new works, including theatrical productions. The biography of the star is of great interest to all admirers of the work of this talented woman.

Childhood and youth

Moscow is the city where Lyudmila Andreevna was born. At that time, the capital was dilapidated as a result of the war. The father of the future film and theater star, a former prisoner, suffered from health problems. He did not witness how his second heiress grew up, dying shortly after her birth. Lyudmila's mother was left alone with two daughters in her arms.

It was difficult for a family without a breadwinner to survive in the harsh post-war times. The gray, identical everyday life, it would seem, could not inspire Porgina, but in spite of everything she dreamed of the stage, and subsequently not only her youth, but her whole life was spent on it. As soon as school was a thing of the past, young Lyudmila Porgina decided to take a step towards what she wanted; she passed the entrance exam to the studio that opened at the Moscow Art Theater.


Misfortune never comes alone. Lyudmila was convinced of the truthfulness of this proverb from her own experience. On a cold February evening in 2005, Lyudmila’s mother died. The woman sent a message to her husband, who was vacationing with his brother-in-law at a dacha in the Moscow region. Nikolai rushed home, but due to weather conditions he lost control and had an accident. Daughter-in-law Irina came to the rescue, remaining to wait for the hearse, and Lyudmila hurried to Nikolai.

It is difficult to imagine the horror that Lyudmila had to endure: she lost her mother and almost lost her loved one in one day. Contrary to the doctors' predictions, Nikolai survived, but due to a brain injury he almost forgot how to speak. It took many years of rehabilitation. Lyudmila had to leave acting to be with her husband. Lenkom management continued to pay the spouses salaries.

Lyudmila Porgina, Nikolai Karachentsov and their son Porgina not only devoted herself entirely to her husband’s treatment, but also tried to ensure that Nikolai’s works were not forgotten. So, in June 2006, a woman organized a presentation of Nikolai Karachentsov’s book “Maybe,” the last chapter of which she herself wrote.

Lyudmila speaks with pride about her children and grandchildren, who are always ready to rush to her aid. She understands perfectly well that without the help of her son and daughter-in-law and without the support of her grandchildren, it is unlikely that she alone would have been able to cope with the trials that washed over her.

When asked if she was scared, the woman once answered that it would be scary if she continued to play on stage after losing her loved one. Lyudmila is happy that she did not turn out to be a traitor.

Theater activities

Lyudmila Andreevna came closer to her dream when she entered a theater school-studio, where she got in on the first try. The girl studied acting from P. Masskalsky. Having obtained the necessary knowledge and skills, in 1972 she found a job at the Moscow Art Theater, where Oleg Efremov invited her to work.

Lyudmila Porgina stayed here for only a year. Having decided to leave this theater, she moved to Lenkom, where the talented young artist was offered interesting roles. Lyudmila Andreevna managed to play in “Til”, “Clairvoyant”, “Ivanov”, in the production of “Juno and Avos”, etc. Lyudmila Porgina has many magnificent works behind her. Among them, the absolute favorite for millions is “The Town Musicians of Bremen,” a play where the actress got the role of the charismatic Atamansha. At the theater. The Lenin Komsomol star was listed until 2010.

Film work

Lyudmila Porgina entered the film industry in 1973, when she got an episodic, but bright and memorable role in the comedy “Much Ado About Nothing” (directed by S. Samsonov). The actress was noticed and after that they began to invite her to the set more often. Porgina “lit up” in such films as “The Life of Beethoven”, “Ensemble of Losers”, “A Small Favor”, “Deja Vu”. In the last two films, Lyudmila Andreevna was involved together with her third husband Nikolai Karachentsov.

Porgina continued to act after the onset of the 2000s. During this period, she shone in the filmed novel “In the First Circle” and the highly rated TV series “Salome”.

The artist may be familiar to the younger generation from television performances based on famous theatrical productions of Lenkom.

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Personal life, relationships, family, children

Despite the fact that Lyudmila Andreevna can boast of an incredible career, many awards, and a great contribution to the development of domestic cinema and theater, many are very interested in her personal life.

The actress, beloved by millions, was married not once, but three times. It just so happened that all of Porgina’s chosen ones were her colleagues. Communication with them gave Lyudmila Andreevna not only many pleasant memories, but also heirs.

First husband Mikhail Polyak

Lyudmila Porgina’s first love and subsequently first husband was Mikhail Polyak. The then future film and theater star met him when she was not even 13 years old. Together, the young people dreamed of a brilliant career; both studied in a theater studio, where they often had to play lovers. The feelings they portrayed on stage became real.

Their feelings flared up suddenly. It was clear that Mikhail and Lyudmila took their relationship so seriously that soon there was talk of a wedding. Lyudmila Porgina got married at the age of 17; her family were, to put it mildly, not happy about this news. Despite all the persuasion, the young artist walked down the aisle. She managed to persuade her mother to sign at the registry office confirming her consent to register the marriage of a minor. By the way, the parent’s fears were justified; soon the young family decided to break off their union. Love has not passed the test of everyday life.

Second husband Viktor Korzun

Lyudmila Andreevna met her second husband at work. At that time, Porgina was involved in the film Much Ado About Nothing, which became her debut. Porgina’s chosen one worked as a stuntman; he was almost twice her age. This, by the way, did not bother anyone.

Victor Korzun adored the beautiful Lyudmila and, as befits a real man, protected her from any potential danger. True, sometimes he went too far, limiting the freedom of his young wife. She, unable to withstand his onslaught and “suffocating” jealousy, soon realized that this marriage, like her first, was doomed. It was terminated a little more than a year after its conclusion.

Love of my life Nikolay Karachentsov, video

Everyone in Russia and abroad knows and loves Nikolai Karachentsov, and Porgina admired him. She was one of the millions of women who dreamed of winning the heart of a talented and successful actor. Lyudmila Andreevna felt such a desire even before she left her second husband. Handsome and charming, Nikolai instantly fell in love with Porgina. Realizing this, the woman decided it was time to get a divorce.

After that, nothing stopped the actress from trying to build a relationship with Karachentsov. The feelings were mutual, so the romance began quickly, but the wedding came only two years later. The actor took his beloved to the registry office when he learned that a German, an enviable groom, was vying for her hand in marriage. Having legalized her relationship with Nikolai, Lyudmila Porgina did not take his last name, which, of course, did not interfere with their family happiness. The couple had a child. It’s interesting that the actress starred with Karachentsov more than once.

The couple lived together for more than 40 years; the life together of the favorites of millions was full of joyful and sad events. The latter also includes an accident, as a result of which Nikolai received a serious traumatic brain injury. The actor was urgently sent to the operating room to undergo a complex operation, after which the man remained in a coma for 26 days.

After his consciousness returned, Lyudmila Porgina began to hope that her lover would be able to recover and return to his former life. A miracle did not happen; the accident forever changed his fate and the life of his family as well. The artist left her favorite activity in order to surround her husband with the care he needed.

The family spent a lot of money on the rehabilitation of the injured Nikolai. The man was taken to different countries for appointments with the best doctors, progress was slow, but some success was still achieved. These include improving the speech of a famous actor. After a terrible accident, he even managed to star in the film, although Karachentsov’s role was episodic.

Death of husband

Porgina's last husband died in 2021. By that time, he had been battling lung cancer for a year. The tumor discovered in him turned out to be inoperable. The official cause of the star's death was kidney failure. At Nikolai's funeral, not only his relatives, but also family friends were present. Also, after the actor’s death, a farewell ceremony was held at the Lenkom Theater for the people’s favorite.


Lyudmila Andreevna knew the happiness of motherhood only once. She gave birth to her first and only child three years after her wedding to Nikolai Karachentsev. The couple decided to name the heir Andrey. He, despite the expectations of others, decided not to follow in the footsteps of his parents.

After graduating from school, the guy entered the prestigious metropolitan university MGIMO. Having received a diploma at the Faculty of International Law, he began working in his specialty. Andrey managed to become a successful lawyer. Soon he got married and gave his parents grandchildren.

Porgina's son and his wife named their firstborn Peter. Later, the family of Karachentsov Jr. expanded, two girls appeared in it, Yanina and Olya. It is interesting that Andrei has a sworn brother, whom the actress regularly mentions when communicating with journalists. Lyudmila and Nikolai loved and raised Mikhail Bolshakov as their own blood offspring.

Terrible event

The couple’s life was calm and happy: both worked, were in demand and popular actors, until tragedy struck in 2005. This year Porgina had to endure more than one test. On February 28, her mother Nadezhda Stepanovna dies. Karachentsov, while at a dacha near Moscow, receives a message about the death of his mother-in-law. Excited, he gets into the car and rushes to Moscow. On an icy highway, Nikolai loses control and gets into an accident. As experts later found out, the seat belt was not fastened, and the speed was too high.

The accident resulted in a very serious traumatic brain injury. Shocked, Porgina hurried to her husband’s hospital, while daughter-in-law Irina remained to attend to the funeral of Lyudmila’s mother. That same night, a complex operation was performed, including craniotomy and direct surgery on the brain. Karachentsov was in a coma for twenty-six days. Although the doctors made very disappointing forecasts, the actor came to his senses. It was his second birthday, but he never fully recovered.

Only at the beginning of summer he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. The recovery process was very slow and took a long time. Porgina was warned that Nikolai would no longer be the same as before. He only needs constant attention and care, and all attempts to return the old Karachentsov will be unsuccessful. Lyudmila did not want to believe the doctors’ predictions, and when she was convinced of this, she resigned herself and loved her husband even more for the man he had become.

The woman had to stop acting because she devoted all her time to caring for her husband. She took Nikolai for treatment and rehabilitation procedures both in her country and abroad. Fans and simply caring people constantly provided assistance to the artists’ family.

Karachentsov’s wife, in order to preserve the legacy of her beloved husband, publishes the book “Maybe,” written by Nikolai, which he was working on before the terrible accident and did not have time to finish. The last chapter was written by Lyudmila herself. The actress agreed with producer M. Fedorov, and he helped release a series of CDs called “Anthology of N. Karachentsov’s Songs.”

Actress today

Now Lyudmila Porgina, as in the old days, can be seen on the television screen. After 10 years spent next to her sick husband, the actress decided to return to her favorite business. For the first time after a long break, Porgina appeared on the silver screen in the popular program “Fashionable Sentence”. Lyudmila Andreevna became a participant in one of the episodes of the show, in which people, with the help of fashion experts, radically change their appearance.

Both the artist and her husband were satisfied with the result of the efforts of the professionals, who even shed a tear when he saw his beautiful wife. Her children were also delighted with Lyudmila Porgina’s incredible transformation. The star appeared on TV again 2 years later, when the whole country was discussing another road accident in which the darling of millions and her chosen one got into it.

Evil tongues gossiped that the accident was the fault of Lyudmila Andreevna, in whose blood alcohol was found. This gossip haunted the actress. She decided to dot all the i’s in the “Actually” program. The woman managed to tell the country her version of what happened. Lyudmila Porgina passed a polygraph test. At the end of the show, she admitted that, no matter what, she was still tormented by her conscience, since she was the one driving the car at the time of the collision between two cars.

Porgina now

In 2021, Lyudmila Porgina reappeared on television screens. She participated in the show “Fashionable Verdict” on Channel One. For more than ten years, the actress was always next to her husband, helping him recover, but did not think about herself, much less about her appearance. Lyudmila was accompanied by her husband and two grandchildren at the program. She had to listen to comments from fashion critics and colleagues, after which she went to the stylists' room.

Karachentsov shed tears when he saw his happy and transformed Lyudmila. The project team gave the actress a set of clothes, and she thanked “Fashionable Sentence” for the positive emotions she received.

Exactly 12 years after the first accident, Karachentsov again became a victim of an accident. This happened on February 28, 2021. Looking at the dates of the incidents, thoughts involuntarily arise about the intervention of mystical forces. The car was driven by Porgina. The examination showed that there were traces of alcohol in the blood.

In September 2021, Lyudmila came to the show with a lie detector “Actually” to prove that she was right. The actress said that there was alcohol in the car, prepared for her mother’s wake. During the accident, the bottles broke and the contents leaked into the cabin. Everything was soaked in alcohol, including clothes and hair, and Porgina herself inhaled the fumes. Experts confirmed the theoretical possibility of such an alcohol test error. But the actress still feels guilty for the accident, because she was the one driving that day.

On October 26, at the age of 73, Nikolai Karachentsov died in a Moscow hospital. The reason was that the actor had an inoperable tumor in his left lung .

Porgina strove to fill her husband’s life with meaning: she traveled with him abroad, carried out restoration activities, and attended exhibitions, performances, and various meetings with Nikolai. I made every effort to prevent the person from withdrawing and being left alone with his problems. And Lyudmila Porgina succeeded.

Filmography, list of popular ones

The great actress Lyudmila Porgina can boast of a brilliant career. She devoted a lot of energy and time to the theater, but most of her fans are fans of the star’s film works. The artist has been acting in films since the early 70s. She was regularly invited to the site by the best domestic directors. Her filmography includes 11 projects, including well-known ones that have become hits:

  • "Salome";
  • "Much ado about nothing";
  • "Juno and Avos".

The role of the television version of the successful play is considered by many to be one of the most important in the life of Lyudmila Andreevna.

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