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Alexander Lukashenko about Ukraine and Crimea

The politician’s speeches are often quoted by Belarusian and foreign media. Many foreign citizens have long been repeating words from Lukashenko’s speeches, trying to interpret the meaning of his messages in different ways. Voters are interested in his opinion on specific events, as well as the future development of relations with neighboring countries - Ukraine and Russia.

In 2014, the President of Belarus repeatedly commented on the situation that had developed in Ukraine. Lukashenko called the political situation in the country “a nightmare and a disaster.”

According to the head of state, ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is primarily to blame for such terrible consequences, since it was the leader of the nation who was responsible for all the processes that took place in the country, rejecting the opinions of different segments of the population.

On May 5, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko invited the heads of state of the former USSR to come to Minsk on May 9 for a parade...
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Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Zelensky
Lukashenko spoke even more harshly about Crimea. At a meeting with media representatives, he repeatedly noted that he often discussed this problem with representatives of the top Ukrainian leadership. According to the head of Belarus, in 2014, at a meeting with the acting President of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov, he directly expressed his opinion, saying that one must fight for one’s land, and the Ukrainian authorities actually ignored the current circumstances.

“If this is your land, then why didn’t you fight for it? Moreover, there were many Ukrainian troops there. Why didn't they fight? What, they admitted that this is not your land? - noted the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko received the news about Vladimir Zelensky coming to power positively. The first meeting of the heads of fraternal states took place on a positive note. It took place in October 2021 at the II Forum of Regions of the two countries. Alexander Grigorievich called Ukraine the main trading partner of Belarus, and emphasized that together both states are ready to resist external influences.


Alexander Grigorievich got into politics thanks to his achievements on the Gorodets collective farm. His efforts and merits were appreciated by the top leadership of the USSR, the man was invited to Moscow, where he became a people's deputy of the Belarusian SSR. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the politician’s homeland became a sovereign state, which allowed him to rapidly rise through the vertical of power and build a dizzying political career.

Having created a reputation as a defender of the people and a fighter against corrupt authorities, the politician won the trust of the electorate. Despite the intrigues, he was able to make his way to power. Lukashenko's exposing activities allowed him to become the most popular politician of that time, surrounded by a large number of associates.

Lukashenko: “Kiev andy Krimni kaytarib ololmaydi” Belarus President Alexander Lukashenkoning ITishicha, Kiev andy Krimni...
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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko
After the man’s plans began to be implemented, many members of the team left him, going over to the opposition. For some, leaving Lukashenko was the end of their political biography, since only a few people who did not support the future Belarusian leader were able to stay in the upper echelons of power.

Alexander Lukashenko's election program was based on the position of saving the economy, which was on the verge of collapse. The people supported his candidacy in the 1994 presidential elections, as a result of which Lukashenko became the first president of the independent Republic of Belarus, gaining more than 80% of the votes.

President of Belarus

During the election campaign, an attempt was made on Lukashenko's life, but no one was injured. In 1994, Alexander Grigorievich became the president of Belarus, gaining 80% of the votes in the second round. The election campaign of Alexander Lukashenko Lukashenko has set a course for rapprochement with Russia and other CIS countries. In 1995, in a referendum, the Russian language was given state status, and the state flag and coat of arms were introduced. Despite the fact that in the referendum more than 70% of voters were in favor of changes to the Constitution, in the summer of 1996, 70 deputies of the Supreme Council of Belarus signed for the impeachment of Lukashenko. However, after Europe and the United States recognized changes in the main law of the country, the president received more powers, and his term was started anew in 1996.

Alexander Lukashenko became the first president of Belarus

In September 2001, in the presidential elections in Belarus, Lukashenko again won in the first round with 75.65% of the votes. In 2004, following the results of a referendum, he was given the right to participate in subsequent elections of the head of state. During this period, “Color Revolutions” took place in Georgia and Ukraine, which increased the attention of EU countries to the regime of government in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko has become closer to Russia in his politics

Alexander Lukashenko was elected for the third time as head of state in March 2006. The elections, not recognized by the OSCE, were accompanied by protests led by other presidential candidates. In 2006, the EU and the US banned Lukashenko from entering their territories for two years. During this period, Alexander Grigorievich made the most important decision for the country to build the first nuclear power plant. Alexander Lukashenko about Euromaidan and Ukraine At the end of 2010, Lukashenko was re-elected for a fourth term, despite protests and discontent from the leaders of European countries. In 2011, a financial crisis began in Belarus, which resulted in the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble and a sharp increase in prices. A year later, the crisis was overcome.

In 2015, Lukashenko was elected to a 5th presidential term. Two of his rivals recognized Alexander Grigorievich’s victory even before the final vote count.

Alexander Lukashenko was elected for a 5th term

During this period, he passed a law banning the sale of light industry products without certificates and preventing social dependency, which caused a number of protests in all major cities of the country.

Viktor Lukashenko now

In connection with the election race in Belarus, rumors are spreading about financial abuses in the presidential family. The opposition estimated Viktor Lukashenko's fortune at over $800 million. The statement by critics of the regime was accompanied by screenshots of money transfers to Swiss accounts.

Viktor Lukashenko and brother Dmitry Lukashenko / Tribune

Opponents of the current government claim that Alexander Grigorievich, elected president in the wake of the fight against corruption in the administration of Stanislav Shushkevich, gave his first-born son a plane. Thanks to his father’s gift, Victor allegedly owns a Superjet, which costs $60 million without including interior decoration.

On June 26, 2021, representatives of the Swiss bank, which allegedly holds the account of the eldest presidential son, stated that the financial institution does not have a client of Viktor Lukashenko, and the screenshot of the bank statement is a fake. 2 days before the bankers of the Alpine country refuted the fake, the first-born son of Alexander Grigorievich, together with his father and brothers, attended the parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory and postponed to June due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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